How to Update the IPhone Software

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Upgrade to the latest version of iOS from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.
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Updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS software ensures you have access to all of the latest features and security upgrades. You can update your iPhone's software on the device itself or by connecting it to iTunes on your computer. Back up important data you want to keep before proceeding. If you don't have unlimited data transfer on your iPhone, connect to a Wi-Fi network before downloading the software updates.


Updating Software on the IPhone

To update the iPhone's software directly on the device itself, first connect the phone's charging cable to ensure that the phone has a constant supply of power throughout the update process. Tap the "Settings" icon on the iPhone's home screen to launch the Settings app. Tap "General" and then select "Software Update." Tap "Download and Install," select "Install" and enter the phone's pass code, if prompted, to initiate the update.


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Updating Software Using ITunes

To update the iPhone's software using iTunes, first connect the phone to iTunes using the USB cable that came with the iPhone. Launch iTunes on your computer, select your iPhone on the list of devices and click the "Summary" tab. Select "Check for Update" and then click "Download and Update" to initiate the update. Do not disconnect your phone during the update process.


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