How to Use Your Cell Phone As a Remote Microphone

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As of 2010, just about everyone has a cell phone, and most individuals use them for phone calls or text messaging. If you add specific software to your cell phone, you could turn it into a remote microphone. With this software, you can listen in on conversations that you would not normally be privy to. Purchasing this software and then transforming your cell phone into remote microphone is legal. However, you must perform this action while on your own property, because many U.S. states have laws pertaining to privacy and consider this an invasion of an individual's rights.


Step 1

Secretly, replace the target user's cell phone with a remote microphone, which you must convert into a listening device. If you are targeting a spouse or child, you must deliberately gain access to her cell phone by means of her purse, handbag or coat pocket.

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Step 2

On gaining access to your intended target's cell phone, switch the phone to "Silent Mode." Make sure you disable the "Vibrate" function and turn on the "Auto Answer" feature. To make sure this process is complete, test the phone by calling its number. After three rings, it should go to voice mail. At this time, you should be able to pick up the frequency of the cell phone that you are targeting over your cell phone.


Step 3

You can also buy a Spy Matrix phone, which appears and operates just like a normal cell phone. However, a Spy Matrix phone has a GPS tracker inside as well as tiny special microphone that records all sound within its immediate vicinity. With the input of a secret phone number, you can activate the Spy Matrix cell phone within a stealth mode, making the user unaware of its activation.


Step 4

Flexispy is a program that works on just about every smart phone, including those utilizing Windows or Blackberry platforms. Although, Flexispy operates on the iPhone platform, the software will not allow you to access the remote microphone feature. However, you can monitor emails and text messages on an iPhone. Once you install the Flexispy software, this will secretly activate the tiny microphone within the cell phone. But, before you do this, you must gain access to your intended target's cell phone, install the software and then call it from a another phone. Immediately, you will gain the ability to eavesdrop on your target's conversations. Additionally, with Flexispy, you can read a person's emails and text messages as well as find the individual's location though the phone's GPS.


Step 5

Utilize Spy-SMS Software. You can install this software onto a cell phone for listening in on someone's conversation. Once you install this software, you will be able to gain access by text messages. The software contains a remote control management tool that conceals it from the target user's phone. The software is sneaky and the target users will have no idea that you are monitoring their conversation, when the software is running. The SMS activates the phones external microphone, allowing you to listen to live conversation as it takes place.



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