How to View Call History

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In the past, call history was something that was hard to come by. Monitoring call activity wasn't something in which phone companies specialized. But with today's technology and cell phone usage, you can obtain call history with just an Internet connection and the click of a button. The most common call history that can be viewed is cell phone call history. By accessing your cell phone's online account, you can view call history dating back almost six months.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser. Click on your Internet icon to open your browser.

Step 2

Access your cell phone carrier's official website. Clear the search bar data form at the top of the browser, and type in your cell phone carrier's URL address. Press "Enter" on your keyboard to be redirected to the site.

Step 3

Login to your cell phone account. When your cell phone provider's site loads, type your account username and password into the two data forms provided on the site's homepage. Click "Login" to open your online account.

Step 4

View the online version of your bill. You should see account information and billing options along the top or left side of the screen once your cell phone account portal opens. Double-click on the link that reads, either "View My Bill," or "Billing Information." In most cases, an archive of bills will be listed from your most recent to approximately six months prior. Click on the billing dates that best fit the time frame of call history dates you'd like to see.

Step 5

Access the itemized version of your cell phone bill. When the summarized version of your bill loads on the next screen, you will also have the option to view your itemized bill. Click on the "Itemized Bill" option, and select the PDF format. Your bill will then open in a pop-up browser window. The itemized bill will display your full call history for that particular month.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection

  • Access to your cell phone's online account


Online versions of itemized bills are usually very large files, so they can take longer to load than other files. Always opt to view the PDF version of your itemized bill for a faster loading time and better accessibility.


To view other types of call history, such as landline call history, you must contact your landline provider to request an itemized print-out. Most landline providers do not provide this type of information online.

In most cases, call history is available only on itemized billing. If you would like to see call history in any other format or time frame, you must contact the phone provider. You will need standard account information to obtain this type of call history.