MP4 Digital Player Instructions

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MP4 players are digital audio playback devices that can be used for the same purposes as an MP3 player. Most digital MP4 players support audio file formats like MP3 and WMA. They are USB supported, and compatible with several operating systems; Windows ME, 2000, and XP being the most common. These digital devices only require a minimal amount of computer literacy and technical experience. Its operation and functions are easy to comprehend, so anyone can enjoy easy listening with the device.


A Few Things to Know Before You Start

There are a couple of aspects that you should keep in mind prior to operating your MP4 player, so you can eliminate the possibility of any problems before the occur. You will need to have your music stored on the computer in MP4, MP3, WMA format for successful playback on your MP4 player. A media player should also be installed to your computer's hard drive, so you can sychronize and playback your audio files. The MP4 player's USB sync cable is also extremely important. This cable is significant because it bridges the gap between your computer and the player. Without the sync cable, you'll have no means of connecting to your computer, and as a result, music cannot be transferred. The last aspect you should be aware of is your MP4 player's storage space. The size of your player's hard drive plays a big factor in how many songs you can store. Your media player will always give an indication of how much space you have on the device. Once the indication bar is full, do not attempt to add any more music files to your device.


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Connecting Your Digital MP4 Player to the Computer

To connect your MP4 player to the computer, plug the USB sync cable into the MP4 player's A/C adapter outlet, and into one of the computer's USB ports. When the MP4 player is connected, the computer will begin working immediately to detect the connection. Once the connection is established, an indication will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.


Add Music to Your MP4 Player

Open your media player application, and the device's icon will now be visible at the bottom of the media player options in the left pane. Click on the "Sync" tab in the navigation menu at the top of the application, and an empty playlist table will appear in the right pane. Click the "Library" tab, in the navigation menu at the top of the media player application, to display all of the music files stored to your media player application. Press and hold the CTRL key, then highlight each music file you want to move to the MP4 player. Drag and drop the highlighted list of music files in the Sync pane on the right side of the media player application. Click on the "Start Sync" action at the bottom of your playlist to begin sychronizing the music files, so they can be added to your MP4 player. Once the sychronization process is complete, the songs will be available for playback on your MP4 player.


Digital Music Playback

Once you unplug the MP4 player drom your computer after sychronization, all of your songs will be stored to the device. In most cases, the songs will be listed alphabetically or in the order in which they were sychronized. You can use the navigation buttons on your device's keypad to navigate through your list of songs. If you want to set up a select playlist, use the menu key to opt to repeat certain songs, and/or organize your songs by genre.


Delete Music From Your Digital MP4 Player

Deleting music requires the same action you would take to add music to the player, but you won't be using the media player application. Re-connect the MP4 player to the computer with the USB sync cable. Click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop screen. Select the device's icon tab in the left pane of the My Computer explorer screen to display the music files stored on your MP4 player. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and click once on each music file you want to delete from the MP4 player. When all the files have been highlighted, right-click over the list and select the " Delete" action. All of the files will be permanently removed from the MP4 player, but they will still be accessible on your computer.