How to Track A Cell Phone For Free

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You can never be too careful these days. Cell phones offer a lot of benefits. If your child is using a cell phone, you can track where your child is at in real time. This is a great security tool to keep your kids safe. Best of all, it is free. Here is how to do it.

Step 1

First you will need a GPS enabled cell phone. Most phones these days have GPS enabled on them. Check your users manual to verify if the phone has this feature.


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Step 2

Go to You will need to register so you can download the free program. Once you register you can download the program to your cell phone.

Step 3

After downloading the program to your cell phone, you can log on to the website and check trip lengths, where the phone went, or you can even track the phone in real time. This makes a great security feature. This program is free.




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