Where Can I Find the Wedding Arch in "Sims 3"?

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Weddings are cause for much celebration, even for the virtual people who populate the world of "The Sims 3." While the wedding arch was available to purchase and use in "The Sims 2," it was sadly lacking from the third game. The expansion pack "The Sims 3: Generations" adds the wedding arch back into the third game, making it available for any wedding ceremony.


Obtaining the Arch

The wedding arch is available only if the game has the expansion pack "The Sims 3: Generations" installed. Otherwise it does not appear in the game. The expansion pack can be purchased and installed from disc, or purchased online and downloaded. Once the expansion pack is added to the game, all the added features and items from the expansion pack, including the wedding arch, are available. "The Sims 3: Generations" is an expansion pack only and requires the original "The Sims 3" to be installed and played.


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Not only does the wedding arch work as a decoration for the wedding party, but it acts as a focal point for the wedding ceremony. In addition, interacting with the wedding arch is the trigger to actually begin the ceremony during the wedding party. While a wedding party doesn't need the arch, it gives the occasion a proper formal wedding look and makes it easy to plan the flow and layout of the wedding party.


Using the Arch

The wedding arch is located in the Buy menu; you purchase and place it on a property like a normal piece of furniture or decoration. The arch is classified as both a miscellaneous item and a party item, so it can be found under both categories in the Buy menu. Once the wedding arch is placed and the wedding party is under way, either of the engaged Sims can initiate the wedding ceremony by selecting the wedding arch and choosing the "Get Married" option. Once the ceremony is initiated, guests will automatically gather around the arch to witness the proceedings. After the ceremony is over, the two Sims are married and the party continues.



A successful wedding is not made by a wedding arch alone. A wedding party is just like every other party in the game -- if the guests are not taken care of, they may consider the party a failure, possibly hurting the moods and relationships of the newlyweds and their guests. Plenty of decorations, music and food are required to keep everybody happy and satisfied during the party so that they will view it as a success.