Navigate Your Way Through Traffic With Waze


You're smart, and you probably make good decisions. But if you haven't made the decision to use Waze to avoid traffic, you might want to take note.

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Waze is a community-based traffic app with GPS that can literally outsmart traffic. After entering your destination, it gives you the quickest route based on real-time input from other drivers. You're given the minutes and miles it'll take you to get there, as well as the exact time you'll arrive. It even tells you when to leave to arrive on time for a scheduled event, which might be extremely beneficial for some of you (you know who you are).

The app alerts you when a police car has been spotted, that way you can slow your roll and avoid getting a ticket (and be safer in general). It also alerts you when there's an accident, road hazards, or traffic jams.

Waze will help you navigate to the cheapest gas station on your route based on community-shared gas prices. It can also help you find parking.

You can even connect to Facebook to see the ETA of your friends driving to the same destination. So, if you're hopping in the shower, but your friend is pulling up to the restaurant, well, you better get the show on the road.

If you want to ride share, Waze Carpool will match you up with a fellow Wazer. Just tell Carpool where you live and work, and when it's time, you'll be able to carpool with someone heading in the same direction. Payment is set in advance based on distance, so the cost is easily shared with no awkwardness. When the ride is over, Carpool transfers it from rider to driver.

So, if you want to save time, gas money, and your sanity on your daily commute, you know what to do.

Download Waze for free on iOS and Android.

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