Help Google Maps Become More Accessible for People in Wheelchairs


Google is calling on its user base to help make Maps more accessible for people in wheelchairs. The company is asking members of its Local Guides community to update locations around the world with new, detailed information about accessibility — which in turn, will help make the lives of the people who need the information much easier.

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Maps users can answer these five quick questions about the accessibility of amenities at a particular location: Does the location have a wheelchair accessible elevator, entrance, parking lot, restroom, and does it have accessible parking?

To get there, go to "Your contributions" in the upper-left menu, tap "Answer questions about a place," and indicate whether businesses you've visited are wheelchair-friendly. Just make sure your app's Location History is turned on. On Google Maps for Android, you can even seek out places that need this info.

credit: Google

People who use wheelchairs aren't the only ones who will benefit from the detailed updates — life will be made easier for families with strollers, seniors with walkers, or anyone making plans with a friend who has limited mobility.

This is a huge step in making sure information about the accessibility of public locations is readily available for anyone who needs it.

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