Use This App to Find out Where the Locals Eat

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The world doesn't really need another dining app, but this one's different. Taste is an app that provides you with a list of local favorite restaurants, so when you're traveling, you don't need to scour Yelp or rely on the concierge or a Facebook poll for recommendations on the best food in town.


Makers of the app want you to get awesome food recommendations, but they also want you to offer your own recommendations based on the local spots you love.

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There are nine categories of establishments to choose from: coffee, burgers, drinks, pizza, sushi, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. For each category, you pick a favorite. When you pick one, that favorite gets 100 points toward its ranking.

"You only get one—you can't give 5 stars to everything, you have to make a decision," said Zac Dixon, Taste's creative director.


The point of being so straightforward is so users can quickly find the most popular local favorite, instead of reading through tons of reviews that may or may not be helpful. In just a few clicks, you'll have the name of the best restaurant in town.


As you visit restaurants, you can check into them. The more you visit spots within a category, the heavier your opinion is weighed. The app sets milestones for you to complete, like checking in at least once to each of the top three locations in a category. When you complete a milestone, you earn more points, increasing the point value of your opinion. You can even see what your friends choose as their favorites.

Download Taste for iOS here and get ready for some good eats.