How to Check My Charter Email

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How to Check My Charter Email. Email has become the major communication tool in this fast-paced era. Charter Communications is a major internet provider for several states in the United States with millions of customers. Follow these steps to check your Charter email account.

Step 1

Find a computer that is connected to the internet. Launch the software application that enables you to surf the internet. This application may differ depending on the internet provider and your personal preference. Even if this computer does not connect to the internet using Charter, you can still check your Charter email account.


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Step 2

Have your user name (your email address) and password ready to use. Call Charter if you do not have your password information. Identify yourself on the phone, and they will reset your password.

Step 3

Connect to Charter's home page via the internet. Search the page for a link that directs customers to the email login. You may have to search a few layers deep to find it, or it may be listed right on the home page.


Step 4

Select the correct login page according to your email address. Charter offers different types of email addresses to different types of customers, such as business or residential. Addresses may also differ depending on the customer's location. For example, Texas customers may have different email addresses than residents of Arizona.



Step 5

Enter the email address and password in the appropriate fields. Type both in correctly and with proper capitalization. Do not save any of your passwords on other users' machines.

Step 6

Look for help checking your Charter email account on Charter's home page. You'll find several pages of instructions, information and frequently asked questions that can assist you when trying to get your email.



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