How to Disconnect Optimum Online

By Edward Drummond

While Cablevision's Optimum Online is a highly rated cable Internet service, many people still need to disconnect their service, whether it's because they're moving, switching providers or simply no longer need it. Disconnecting is easy, and is free in most cases.

Things You'll Need

  • Cable modem

Step 1

Identify the phone number of your local cable service. This number can be found on your bill, or at the Optimum Online site (see Resources).

Step 2

Dial your local customer-service number. Since Optimum Online is a service of Cablevision, that will be your local Cablevision service number.

Step 3

Listen for the voice prompts to ask you if you'd like service in English, and then which service you are calling about. Choose "Optimum Online" and "Cancel service."

Step 4

Wait to be connected to a customer-service representative. If you are leaving Cablevision altogether, the representative may try to talk you out of it with special offers or incentives.

Step 5

Return your cable modem to an authorized location. You may also mail the equipment (at your expense) to: Cablevision Converter and Modem Return Center, 80 Grumman Rd., Bethpage, NY 11714. You can also schedule a service call, in which a technician will come to your home to disconnect and collect the modem. Fees may apply.

References & Resources