How to Get Transcripts of Text Messaging or Cell Phone Calls

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With the advent of the cell phone and the automated billing and payment systems most cellular providers permit, many cellular providers only provide an online glimpse of your cell phone usage and the usage of all phones under your top-level plan. Although most cellular providers don't record actual text messages, the majority will provide you, for a small fee, a print-out copy of dates and times text messages were sent.


Step 1

Visit your local cellular provider's main office and take along your individual cellular account information so the representative may bring up your information during your visit.

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Step 2

Provide your cellular representative with the precise dates for which you desire a printed copy of your account transcript.


Step 3

Pay any fees requested of you by the cellular representative for the print-out and be sure to look at the top of the front page to ensure the transcript provided to you is in fact for your account and not someone else's.


Due to the sensitivity of cellular call records, most cellular providers require that you either visit the office in person, or require that you have a verified and activated Internet account tied to your cellular account for your own online administration. Always have two government-approved forms of personal identification with you when requesting copies of any activity on your cellular account.


It is illegal to falsify information in order to retrieve cellular call transcripts for another user besides yourself, and in some cases it may represent a federal felony.