How to Reset Ink on Canon Pixma

Canon Pixma IP printers are renowned for their versatility and accurate image printing, but the ink level counter may need to be reset over time. To do this, you will have to use a combination of key strokes and the IP tool software. Once your ink levels have been reset, you will no longer have that pesky low-ink message reoccurring on the screen.

iP1200, iP1600, iP2200, iP1000, iP1500

Step 1

Unplug both the power and USB cables from your IP printer.

Step 2

Open the printer's door, hold down the "Power" button and reconnect both the power and USB cable.

Step 3

Close the printer's door and release the "Power" button.

Step 4

Plug the USB cable coming from your printer into an open USB port on your computer. Use a port that does not have any other devices currently installed, as to avoid IRQ conflicts that can cause your device to work less efficiently.

Step 5

Download the IP software resetter tool for your model IP printer from the link provided in the reference section of this article. There you will find the software needed for resetting models iP1000, iP1200, iP1500, iP1600 and iP2200.

Step 6

Unzip the installer package with the program of your choice. WinZip, 7Zip and Izarc are all dependable software programs for opening ZIP files. Double-click on the ZIP file extractor. Browse for the location that houses the software tool and click "Extract."

Step 7

Double-click on the "GeneralTool EXE" to start installing the software. Follow the on-screen instructions for determining where to install the tool on your computer.

Step 8

Select the USB port that your printer is connected to under "USB Port." If you are resetting models iP1200, iP1600, iP2200, skip to step 10. If you are resetting models iP3000, iP4000, iP5000, iP4200, iP5200, iP6000, iP8500, go to the next section.

Step 9

Select "Destination 1" to rest the printer permanently.

Step 10

Click your mouse onto "Lock Release" and choose the model of your printer from the Set Destination section.

Step 11

Select "Main" or "Platen" from the Clear Waste Ink Counter section of that screen. The chosen waste ink counter will be reset to its original condition. If you choose "Main," only the main waste ink counter will be reset. If you choose "Platen," only the platen waste ink counter will be reset. If you have replaced both the platen and main ink absorbers, repeat this step for both the Main and Platen options.

iP3000, iP4000, iP5000, iP4200, iP5200, iP6000, iP8500

Step 1

Tunr the power on the printer off by hitting its "Power" button.

Step 2

Hold down the "Resume" button, while pressing and releasing the "Power" button. Press the "Resume" button again twice.

Step 3

Release all of the buttons that you have pressed. The green indicator light will now be illuminated.

Step 4

Press the "Resume" button for a total of four more times to reset the waste ink counter for your printer and hit the "Power" button to turn off your printer.

Things You'll Need

  • IP resetting tool software

  • Computer

  • ZIP extractor software