How to Return Receivers to Direct TV

By Lee Weal

DirecTV is a satellite service that broadcasts digital television to households via subscription. In order to receive broadcasts, a subscriber must agree to have a satellite dish installed on his property and must lease at least one receiver to connect to his television. If the service is cancelled, either by the member or by DirecTV, the receiver must be returned to the company. DirecTV makes it a simple process for their members to unsubscribe and to return leased equipment.

Things You'll Need

  • Equipment return kit

Step 1

Call DirecTV's customer service phone number and inform the operator that you would like to return the receiver. Have your account number handy so that the operator can verify your account.

Step 2

Inform the operator of the date that you will be cancelling the service or any other reason that the receiver is being returned. You will be asked to confirm your address so that an equipment return kit can be sent by mail.

Step 3

Disconnect the cables that connect your television to the receiver.

Step 4

Place the receiver in the cardboard box of the equipment return kit when it arrives in the mail. Place the foam cushion in the kit on top of the receiver. Remove the batteries from the remote control and place the remote into the padded envelope.

Step 5

Tape the box shut with the tape that is included in the kit.

Step 6

Attach the postpaid address label that is included in the kit to the top of the box. Take the box to the post office or call the post office to ask for it to be picked up.