Your Kids Can Become Tiny Musicians With These Apps

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There's no question that music is great for your kids' minds. Learning how to play an instrument can be incredibly beneficial for all kids, and not just because they get to make a total racket while doing it.

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According to Parents, involving your kids in music lessons at a young age can help improve their academic skills, develop their physical skills, cultivate social skills, refine discipline and patience, boost self-esteem and introduce them to different cultures.

But there are also other ways to get your kids into creating their own tunes — through apps. Various app developers have found inventive ways for kids to explore music and creative music-making — and they're not just fun for kids, they're fun for adults too!

Here are some of the best kid-friendly music apps that we think your kids will gravitate to. Because sometimes it just takes an app to generate interest, and that's totally OK.

Melody Jams

The perfect app for preschoolers who love to jam, Melody Jams is a fun, interactive music-making game that lets players animate and orchestrate their own garage band made up of adorable and musically inclined monster characters.

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Kids can mix and match their favorite characters, each with their own unique instrumental skills, to create their own songs. Available on iTunes for $2.99.

Crayola DJ

Crayola DJ is the app to have for aspiring DJs. Kids will have so much fun mixing and scratching their own beats. Crayola DJ has virtual turntables with around 100 exclusive tracks created by professional DJs.

credit: Crayola DJ

Tracks are available in five musical genres, including hip-hop, dance, pop, fusion and holiday. Don't worry if your kids are beginner DJs, the app is set up to make sure each track sounds legit. For ages 6 and up. Available for iOS and Android for $2.99.

Easy Music

Created by musician and educator Michael Emenau, Easy Music is based on the idea that kids must learn how to listen to music before they can effectively learn how to play it.

credit: Easy Music

Through the app, kids will learn how to recognize notes, pitch, rhythm and melody by interacting with a color-coded keyboard. The goal of the app is to teach kids how to learn music by ear. For ages 5 and up. Available for iOS and Android, $3.99.

Medly Music Maker

Medly Music Maker is one of the most popular music-making apps out there. Both amateur and professional musicians can create songs by using the easy-to-use interface and by simply choosing the music and drawing notes.


The free version of the app comes with 12 instruments, but there are over 100 more available for purchase. For ages 10 and up. Available for iOS, free with in-app purchases.


It's the best app for aspiring beatboxers of all ages. Keezy comes pre-loaded with 15 sound boards, which are all created by popular musicians like Reggie Watts, Tegan and Sara, The Mast, Francis and the Lights and Reni Lane.

credit: Keezy

Users are given eight tiles, and they can record a sound into each one, eventually recording real jams. There's also a Dummer app by Keezy for those who want to step up their musical game even more. For ages 5 and up. Available for free on iOS.

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