Your Kids Can Now Drive Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder

credit: Radio Flyer

If your kids are Star Wars fans, you can win some major cool points by surprising them with a replica of Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder from Star Wars: A New Hope. Radio Flyer is releasing the first ever drivable kid-sized Landspeeder, and it's ridiculously adorable.

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The sand-pocked and sun-faded X-34 craft seats two riders and features an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds.

credit: Toys R Us

At a max speed of 5 mph, your tiny Skywalkers won't exactly be speeding across the desert between the Lars homestead and various outposts, but in their minds they will be, and that's what matters.

The Landspeeder is meant for kids ages four and up, with a weight capacity of 130 pounds. It will be sold at Toys R Us for $499.99 starting September 5th. In the meantime, it's available for pre-order here.

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