13 Kitchen Toys for Foodies and Chefs You Know

Foodies are pretty much the most fun people to buy for, ever. Who doesn't love quirky kitchen gadgets? I relish in finding new ones that serve a great purpose—often times one I didn't even know I needed. It's just so much more fun to cook (and let's face it, easier) with these gadgets in your arsenal.

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We've rounded up some of the best kitchen toys out there this year, in a range of prices that will fit any budget. Make your foodie's Chistmas by gifting them one of these fun finds.

1. SpreadTHAT!

Ever tried buttering a roll with cold butter? It tears up the roll, and won't spread evenly. Not appetizing. And zapping it in the microwave isnt much better—two seconds too long and you have butter soup. That's where the SpreadTHAT! butter knife ($20) comes into play.



This self-warming knife cuts right in to butter straight from the fridge, and warms it just enough to spread perfectly on rolls or toast.


They'll never again have to play the guessing game about whether or not their food is done cooking when you gift them this Bluetooth Smart Kitchen Thermometer ($80).



This smart thermometer comes with two probes, and attaches magnetically to your oven or stove. When you connect it to your device via the iGrill app, you'll know exactly how well-done your meat is cooked, and it'll even alarm when it reaches the intended temperature.


You've never seen a scale like this. The Drop Scale ($79) is about to be everyone's favorite kitchen tool.



This iOS-compatible smart scale connects to your devices with an app and brings you hundreds of interactive recipes. It re-sizes your recipe depending on the amount of ingredients you have on-hand (or just how much you want to make), suggests recipe substitutions and walks through the entire cooking process. Since it lets you complete recipes by weight, everthing is easier to make.


Never wander the grocery store again trying to remember whether or not you need eggs (we know you do it, don't lie). The Egg Minder ($14) keeps track of all of that for you.



It connects to your smartphone and lets you know not only how many eggs you have, but how old they are and when they'll go bad. What foodie wouldn't want that info in the palm of their hand?


It's easier than you think to cook your meat to perfection every single time, and the Anova Precision Cooker ($129) is how you get it done.



This sous vide connects to your smartphone, where you set the type and weight of your meat. From there, the Anova does the work. It cooks the meat perfectly, all the way through, and lets you know when it's done. The only othet things you need are a large pot and a sealing storage bag. You'll have restaurant-quality meat every time.


Do you know anyone that doesn't like bacon? We don't. That makes the Bacon Master ($30) the perfect gift. for pretty much every foodie on your list.



This machine slow cooks your bacon to perfect crispiness, and the verticle rack means the fat drips away for healthier, less greasy bacon. Plus, there's no flipping required, so it's super easy to use.


OK, so this one's really just for fun. Who wouldn't want to go at their pizza with an ax?



The rolling blade on this Pizza Ax ($9) cuts pizza effortlessley, and the handle is made of real wood, so it'll hold up for a long time—as long as you only use it to cut pizza, and not trees.


That nasty garlic smell tends to linger on your hands when you chop garlic—sometimes for days. Avoid that altogether with the GarlicZoom ($10).



Simply peel the garlic cloves and load them into the GarlicZoom, then roll it along the counter for perfectly chopped garlic in seconds. Once you're done, remove the blade, dump the garlic and place the whole device on the top rack of your dishwasher. It doesn't get easier than that.


Storage bags are great for freezing sauces, soups and broths with minimal freezer space and without using up your favorite Tupperware. But getting said sauces and soups into those handy bags is quite the dance—and your counter often ends up wearing half of what you were trying to store.


Image: Jokari

That problem is no more when you have the Baggy Opener ($6). This simple device holds your bags wide open, so you can pour right into them—no cleanup necessary.


How many peelers do you have in your kitchen drawer? And how often can you find all of them except the one you want to use?


Joseph Joseph

The Rotary Peeler ($13) includes three peelers in one—standard, serrated or julienne. And it fits right in the palm of your hand, for fast and easy peeling.


So many recipes call for a splash or a spritz of citrus juice, and what a mess it makes to get that tiny bit of liquid from a lemon, lime or orange. Thanfully, the Stem Spritzer ($6) puts that mess to an end.



Just insert the serrated end of the spritzer into the fruit, and spray. That's it. Really.

12. ThawTHAT!

Can we all just agree that it takes forever for meat to thaw? It's especially bothersome for those of us who never plan ahead far enough to actually thaw meat in the fridge the day before we need it.


Image: That!

The ThawTHAT! ($60) is a metal tray that requires no power source, yet still cuts the thawing time of meat in half (sometimes more). The tray catches any runoff juices, so there's no mess to clean up, and it washes easily in the sink or dishwasher.


Raise your hand if you like to prepare herbs for cooking. Anyone? Didn't think so.



Lucky for you, there's a handy little gadget that strips herbs from the stem in seconds, with basically no work from you. Just insert the stem of the herb through the handle of the Zipstrip Herb Stripper ($8), and pull. Just like that, all the herbs are in the cup, and the empty stem is in your hand. And even better, the cup has measuring marks, so you don't have to dirty up your measuring cups, too.

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