Celebrate National Pizza Day With These Cheesy Gifs

Image Credit: PhotoAllel/iStock/GettyImages

Today is a very important day. It's the day we, as a nation, pay our respects to pizza. America didn't invent the cheesy goddess of happiness, but we've definitely made it our own. (Shout out to Chicago and New York-style pizza.)

Pizza can come with thick crust, thin crust, cauliflower crust (you know, if you're trying to avoid gluten and fun), sauce, no sauce, cheese, no cheese, and whatever toppings you choose. You can order delivery, eat it in a restaurant, or make it at home. The pizza possibilities are endless.

Ask a group of kids to name their favorite food, and chances are at least 86 percent of them will say pizza. It's the go-to food when you don't know what else to eat or don't feel like cooking. There's even a genre of party named after pizza.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is pizza is life. So, to set the pizza mood, here are some GIFs of everyone's favorite food group. Because pizza.

Holy cheese:

Rudy Huxtable is all of us:

How every human feels when the pizza arrives:

If a seeing a hamster eat pizza doesn't make your day a little better, nothing will:

Pizza has a mind of its own:


Also same:

Can't even be mad about it:

Cheese on cheese on cheese:


Well, my work here is done. Happy National Pizza day!