Halloween Costumes for Kids You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

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Halloween is coming up in a few weeks, but you're probably well aware of that. It's impossible to miss all the spooky decorations, pumpkins, and everyone asking your kids what they're going to be for Halloween.

If you haven't already bought a costume for your child, Amazon has some fun ones to choose from. Plus, if you have Prime, many of the options will arrive at your doorstep in two days, saving you from spending an entire week trying to figure out how to DIY something last minute.

Check them out:

Wonder Woman

Every little girl should know that she can be a hero.

Buy it here.

Jurassic World T-Rex

Nothing says "I'm awesome and so is my costume" like this inflatable t-rex, which is an officially licensed costume from Jurassic World. Also available in velociraptor and with sounds.

Buy it here.

Zombie Morphsuit

An all-in-one costume your kids can drink, breathe, and see through. It's an easy way to dress as a zombie without all the makeup and gore.

Buy it here.


An adorable Catboy costume for any young kid who can't get enough of PJ Masks. (That's all young kids, right?).

Buy it here.


A super cute costume for any kid who loves peacocks (or who can't decide what to be).

Buy it here.

LEGO Batman

Everything is awesome.

Buy it here.

Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A fierce costume for your fierce kid.

Buy it here.


This headless costume is as funny as it is creepy.

Buy it here.

Gumball Machine

The classic gumball machine, because kids love gum.

Buy it here.

Poop Emoji

The ultimate kids' Halloween costume.

Buy it here.