A Podcast for Self-Proclaimed Food Nerds

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There's so much more to food than what's on our plates. Proof is new a podcast from America's Test Kitchen. It's for foodies—the people who love food and the backstories that go along with it. Based on science and sociology, Proof is all about what we eat and the reasons why.


Host Bridget Lancaster takes a deep dive into food trends, obsessions, and the backstories around food and drinks. It's the under-told stories, like where cravings come from, who invented deep fried Oreos, why celery was once so in vogue, and how BeanBoozled Jelly Beans get their questionable flavors.

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The podcast doesn't offer recipes, and it's not about celebrity chefs and what they like to eat. It's all about the history and mysteries of food and beverages. It's funny, smart, and everything you didn't know you wanted to know.