Just a Cute Japanese Game Full of Cute Animals and Cute Food

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Need some cuteness in your life? Check out Kawaii Kitchen, a free gaming app that's all about the cute.


In Japanese, the term Kawaii means overwhelming cuddly cuteness, so you can probably imagine what to expect in Kawaii Kitchen.

You play the game as an adorable kitten who runs a diner with other adorable animals as customers. The animals are very demanding when it comes to the food they like, so it's your job to make sure every ingredient is added correctly according to what they order. If you make a mistake, you must start over—and that means you'll have some hangry customers to deal with. (But they'll still be cute, so at least there's that.)


To add to the cuteness factor, you can even dress up your chef in different adorable outfits.

If you succeed at keeping your customers happy, new ingredients and restaurants all over the world will unlock, keeping things interesting. Start as an amateur chef and complete quests to eventually become the world's greatest master chef.

Download Kawaii Kitchen for iOS and Android.