This Smart Thermometer Tells You What to Do if Your Child Spikes a Fever

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When your child is sick, it can be scary—especially if they spike a fever. As much as you think you're prepared for illness, sometimes you could use a little guidance.


The Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer offers that guidance with its brand new app that helps parents track temperature readings and symptoms, and it offers insight on when to call a doctor and tips on how to feel better. It also provides medicine dosage information and medication reminders.

The thermometer comes in two options:

The Kinsa QuickCare is $19.99 and can be used orally, under the armpit, or rectally for new babies. It takes accurate eight second temperature readings.


The Kinsa SmartEar is $39.99 and takes accurate two second in-ear readings. It's great for sleeping toddlers and squirmy kids, and it has an easy-to-clean tip with no probe covers required.

It's super easy to link the thermometers to the app. Simply download the app and turn on the thermometer. It only takes a few minutes to add your family members and their ages so the app can accurately offer advice.

Find out more info and buy the thermometers here.