This Interactive Page Explores Life in the Deep Sea

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If you've ever wanted to know more about what lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, this is for you.


Self proclaimed "creative coder," Neal Agarwal created The Deep Sea, a stunning and awe-inspiring interactive visual that identifies fish, mammals, ship wrecks, and other creatures that live beneath the surface of the ocean.

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Starting at the surface and as you scroll down, you are presented with everything that lives at a specific depth. For example, polar bears can swim as deep as 27 meters (88 feet), the deepest any human as ever scuba dived is 338 meters, the goblin shark lives at 1,311 meters, narwhal's can dive down to 1,800 meters, the faceless fish swims around at 5,097 meters deep, and the USS Johnston shipwreck rests at 6,227 meters deep—the deepest shipwreck ever found.


The extensive research Agarwal did is fascinating, and the tool he created is the perfect way to explore the ocean—all the way to the deepest point at 10,924 meters.

The Deep Sea has been viewed over a million times. Take a look at the interactive visualization here.