2020 Holiday Gift Guide for All That Online Shopping You're Doing

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Ready or not, here come the holidays.


Since most of us won't be doing our holiday shopping in person this year, the internet has become our trusty gift supplier for our loved ones. Shopping online certainly has its perks: you can shop at home, pantless; you have access to anything and everything the internet offers; you can rely on reviews and opinions to help you decide on what to purchase.


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That's what we're here for. To offer some ideas for gifts that you may not have thought of yourself. We don't get paid to include anything on this list—it's all stuff we truly believe would make great gifts.

Here's our 2020 holiday gift guide:


Tech gifts

A portable photo printer that prints 2.7x2.7 square photos—perfect for anyone who likes actual tangible photos. It comes in black, green, pink, and white. If you prefer 4x6 photos, check out the Canon Selphy.


Since one of a smartphone's main purposes is to take pictures, it might as well look the part like this old school camera case. CASETiFY's phone cases durable and available for all iPhone models and Samsung phones.


There's no better time than a global pandemic to gift a complete cocktail system. The Bartesian works kind of like a Nespresso, but hold the coffee and add alcohol. To set it up, pour the alcohol into four "spirit bottles" (vodka, tequila, whisky, gin/rum) and insert a base spirit capsule mixer. The Bartesian will then prompt you to customize the strength (mocktail, light, regular, or strong) and then it mixes the cocktail. The cocktail capsules are sold separately—either six for $15 or 36 for $80. They're all impressively really tasty. It's a pricey gift that eventually pays for itself. You know, because cocktails.


Perfect for winter when it's too damn cold to have a successful outdoor garden, this Indoor Herb Garden uses energy-efficient LED grow lights to ensure your plants thrive.


PhoneSoap 3 - $79.95

2020 is the year we all turned into germaphobes. But one thing that's always disgusting despite any lingering global pandemic? Your phone. PhoneSoap uses UVC technology to kill the germs and bacteria on the surface of your phone while simultaneously charging it.


Since many of us are still working from home, there's nothing wrong with gifting a useful office supply—especially one that'll make life easier. The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 scanner connects through Wi-Fi for seamless and fast scanning. The color scanner is equipped with ScanSnap Home, software that cleans up, classifies and organizes images so you don't have to. But the coolest part is that up to 50 documents can be scanned at once. The device works wirelessly with PC, Mac, iOS or Android mobile devices.


Meater+ - $69

A wireless smart meat thermometer that helps the chef gain consistent results every time. The connected Meater+ app can estimate how long certain meats need to be cooked, taking the guesswork out of cooking.


Airthings Wave Mini is a smart indoor air quality detector gives a visual indication of air quality levels. It offers info on temperature, humidity, VOCs, mold risks, and contaminants.

The perfect vintage record player equipped with modern technology. Made from acoustically tuned hand-crafted wood, the Kingston 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player allows for vinyl to MP3 recording and wireless Bluetooth music streaming, along with its turntable, aux in, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, and USB. Available in black, walnut, and cherry.

The HiRise Duet from Twelve South doubles as an iPhone and Apple Watch charger. It takes up little space on a desk or nightstand and automatically puts Apple Watch in Nightstand mode—one less thing to worry about at bedtime.

Non tech gifts

Since no one is doing any serious traveling right now, there's no better time to hang a huge wooden map as a reminder of all the places you (or whoever's on the receiving end) want to visit eventually. Oakywood's super high quality minimalist Wooden World Map is chic, modern, and can liven up any room. It comes in two colors, oak and walnut, and two sizes, 150 cm x 75cm and 216 cm x 108 cm. The map comes with precise instructions and a magnetic hanging system—so don't worry, if geography isn't your strong suit, they have your back.

Bring some luxury and a clean butt into the bathroom with Bio Bidet's USPA 6800U. It's a full blown toilet seat bidet that comes with a wireless remote control, just like you've dreamed about. In addition to luxurious cleaning settings, the bidet has a heated seat, night light, dryer, deodorizer, child settings, and an enema function—just in case you need a little extra help down there.

For anyone who grew up in the '90s, this Totally '90s Coloring Book will bring back the perfect amount of nostalgia while offering stress relief while coloring. It features coloring pages of '90s pop culture favs, including the Spice Girls; TV shows like Full House, Family Matters, and Saved by the Bell; memorable trends like Trapper Keepers, Caboodles, and mix CDs; and nostalgia-inspired fashion like butterfly clips, Rollerblades, jelly sandals, and snap bracelets. Yep, you're welcome.

Nothing says "Happy holidays, I love you" like a set of super soft, classic bed sheets. CARiLOHA's Bamboo Bed Sheets feel like a stay at a fancy shmancy hotel that you never want to leave.

Since everyone's spending so much time at home, gifting a cordless stick vacuum cleaner is just really nice of you. The Strata Home by Monoprice Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner has 400 watts of power, three power settings, four attachments, and up to 45 minutes of run time. It's the perfect vacuum for a quick clean up, tight spaces, and anyone with kids who make endless messes.

No one ​needs​ a giant four-in-a-row game, aka Connect Four, but certainly no one would be mad about getting one of these bad boys as a gift. In case you're wondering what "giant" actually means, the game is 3 ft wide by 2 ft tall. It comes with a handy carrying case for storage and general convenience.

Since everyone's doing a lot of sitting during this global pandemic, you might as well offer them a comfortable and portable way to sit anytime, anywhere. Helinox's Chair One is perfect for camping, farmers markets, kids' sports games, or the front yard while you watch your kids ride their bikes back and forth forever. It's lightweight and can support a human up to 320 lbs.

Chrome's ZipTop Waistpack, aka a fanny pack, is a functional way to carry around all your important small things. It's also pretty ideal for parents who aren't into diaper bags, but need a few kid things handy at all times. You know, like at least eight snack variations.

Gift the person you love, or at least like, a yak wool sweater to keep them extra warm this winter. The Xenolith is an insulating technical mid-layer inspired by traditional alpine guide sweaters and reimagined for the modern adventurer. Available in men's and women's sizes.

A versatile backpack is the way to any outdoorsy person's heart. This tote backpack from '73 Originals is stylish, spacious, and has lots of compartments and pockets to hold all the things. It's great for hikes, traveling, school, and can even be used as a work bag or diaper bag. The company also sells a duffle bag that's perfect for weekend getaways.