An Organic Smoothie Subscription Your Kids Will Love

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If you struggle to come up with healthy meal and snack ideas for your kids that they'll actually eat, we feel you. And same. But there's a smoothie subscription service that will change your life if you let it. (And it'll keep you hydrated, too.)

Bumpin Blends is a subscription service that sends pre-blended frozen organic smoothie cubes every two weeks or once a month. But they're different than the smoothies you're probably used to — they're better. Bumpin Blends smoothies are loaded with nutrition and good stuff, but they're also ridiculously good. Like, so good your kids might think they're dessert.

Started by Lisa Mastela, a mom and registered dietician, the company is small, and it's clear there was a lot of thought and love put into each ingredient. Each packet comes with six cubes, which makes one 16 oz. smoothie or two 8 oz. smoothies.

I was able to try the company's most popular flavors, and as a self-appointed amateur smoothie connoisseur, I can honestly tell you that I've never had better smoothies. I don't know how they do it, but I'm impressed, and I think you will be too. (So will your kids!)

They sell 15 yummy flavors, including Banana Nut, Cinnamon Toast Shrink, Blueberry Blues, Cookie Dough (!!!!), PB&J, Green Mango, Strawberry Fields, and Thin Mint.

Since the smoothies are shipped frozen, they are kept cold on dry ice. The cooler itself is completely compostable with the ability to dissolve in water. However, if you live in Los Angeles, you'll receive your smoothies hand delivered inside a reusable cooler.

The prices range from $88 for seven blends up to $268 for 28 blends. If it sounds pricey, it is. But remember that each blend offers enough for two smoothies. Plus, someone else is making them for you, saving you so much time and effort. That's a pretty great reason to at least try it out!