About Blank Virus

About:Blank is not a virus; it's a hijacking program that takes over your browser. It has certain unmistakable characteristics and only affects older and unpatched newer versions of the Internet Explorer browser.

Virus warning


Browser title bar

About:Blank is part of the “CoolWebSearch” family of hijack programs. Malicious code embeds itself in a web page and waits for the right browser type to land on it. When the right type does finally land on the page, the code hijacks the browser and instructs it to perform certain commands, taking over the browser completely.


Hijacked page

The hijack program’s purpose is to take over the browser. It makes you clink on links that are viruses and installs them on your computer. When the About:Blank program is present and confirmed, close your browser and use another, unaffected one.


Getting ready to surf the web

The About:Blank hijack program has three characteristics and direct effects. The most prominent is taking over the browser’s home page on startup. Another is the redirection of URLs typed into the address bar. This hijacking program will also display fake security site pages and stop you from downloading anti-malware software.


Girl hijacking browser

Problems with the hijack program include allowing the browser to download new malicious code from anywhere, including sites deemed as “safe.” The hijack program redirects from the original site and downloads the code “underneath” the real page.


USB ports

Removal includes direct edits to the computer’s registry, so seek professional help unless you are an expert user. Those who try removing the hijack program themselves may wish to download an anti-malware program especially programmed for the About:Blank hijack program.


Folder options

Do not click on any links once it is positively identified as the About:Blank hijack program. This can cause more problems, including downloading viruses.