Advantages of Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP has numerous benefits to list that make it one of the leading operating systems sold in market today. It has proved to be a real pioneer in the field of software technology and has left behind Microsoft Windows Vista that happens to be its successor. Umpteen users today are actually downgrading to XP from Vista.



Windows XP Media Center Edition

Microsoft Windows Experience, commonly referred as XP, is yet another branch of the Microsoft family tree of operating systems. Its market launch date was October 25, 2001. Windows XP is attributed to be the first user-friendly operating system based on Windows NT, which was the first 32-bit version of Windows. XP is basically the flawless, improved version of Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Me that were launched before it came into market. Windows XP has some commonly used editions: Windows XP Home Edition targeted towards home users, Windows XP Professional primarily for software professionals and entrepreneurs and Windows XP Media Center Edition which enables users to record and watch TV shows, watch DVD movies and listen to music. The list doesn't stop and further comes the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition which is especially designed for the tablet PCs with all the features of XP Professional along with some more high tech features. Microsoft launched XP to introduce a completely user friendly graphical interface that was completely stable, proficient and free of the DLL hell that held all the users in its clutches for a long time. Windows XP has by far proved to be the most successful amongst all the other operating systems.

Benefits of Microsoft Windows XP

Windows XP is very fast and quick response generative in nature. As a multitasking operating system it allows the users to switch between various applications and resume working with other applications even if one of the applications has stopped working suddenly. Moreover, the boot process is so quick that within seconds the applications open up. A second major advantage of XP is its quick delete function. Initially it would take long hours deleting files because users had to wait endlessly till each file was deleted. But with XP, the quick action of deleting takes place by clearing the NTFS (New Technology File System) trees. Its Ctrl+Alt+Del functionality implies that whenever the Internet browser hangs up, users can just use Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously to get it going again. Automatic updates to XP take place without delay in a time-bound manner and they do not interfere with browsing activity. XP also presents an exemplary error notification report as whenever there is any problem within no time an error report is sent to Microsoft for solutions thus preventing any system hang. Windows XP is formulated in such a way that it has a universal hardware support done by vendors. XP runs on almost every computer with AMD or an Intel processor from 1998 till date.

Support and Updates

Office 2007 that comes with XP allows users to easily get through it using all the features without getting confused as is the case with Wireless and broadband Internet connections today being the talk of the town are splendidly supported with XP which is a major drawback in Vista that has a poor driver support. The best support with XP is that today 90% of users have XP so whenever you are stuck with any problem associated with XP you can just Google the problem and see the whole list of available solutions to it. Much to user's delight any new hardware and software installation and working with XP is very easy and convenient thus requires no search engine browsing all day long. For the game buffs the good news is that the game developers release nearly all the PC games in a format that is seamlessly compatible with XP. Games are extremely responsive and highly reliable in XP. Windows XP comes with the default installation of firewall settings that is a boon for the users as it has stopped the previous unavoidable attacks by numerous malicious software. XP's new driver rollback feature is a true accomplishment in the line of operating systems that allows the user to discard a new device driver and get back the previous one if desired results are not met.


Impressive look of Themes

Overall, Windows XP has a total new look and feel with the introduction of themes which allows the interface to be changed impressively, a splendid feature of multiple user switching and remote desktop functionality which permits all users to access their data from a computer running Windows XP through Internet. The new look of Start menu and the revised feature to lock the task bar is great. The introduction of a new technology named Clear Type also deserves a mention that is the Microsoft font display technology for LCD screens is very well embedded with XP. The problem of DLL is rectified to the maximum extent with XP, thus making installation of new applications a lot easier without worrying about previous installation wreck.


To conclude, Windows XP is by far Microsoft's biggest achievement that deserves a huge applaud for being one of the best operating system till date. Its swift technology, ease of use, user friendly environment, reliability, durability and above all least freezing activity makes it a top notch which undoubtedly outbids Vista and its other predecessors.