Best Online Trading Websites

By James Highland

Electronic trading exploded in the twenty-first century as the Internet offered access to the financial markets like never before. The novice may be easily overwhelmed by the hundreds of websites available for trading stocks, options, futures and bonds. Each online broker offers its own set of services, commissions and tools. While the best online trading website will vary depending on the needs of the trader, some sites frequently stand out as favorites.


Etrade is a versatile trading and investing service. Unlike many brokers, ETrade account holders have access to one of the first website-based trading interfaces, but also an advanced standalone platform for active trading. Additionally, most ETrade accounts double as normal bank accounts for added flexibility. The ETrade service gained a "Silver Star" ranking by Star Reviews for its overall quality of trading results, ease of use and customer service. It also ranked fourth on the 2010 Online Stock Trading Review Comparisons list by Top Ten Reviews. Traders looking for a quality service that has existed longer than most of its competitors should take a look at ETrade.


Some traders require robust tools for manipulating complex trading vehicles such as stock options. TradeKing offers all the standard trading features of any online broker, but excels in the area of stock options. The company ranked second in the Top Ten Reviews for 2010 online brokers. Consumer Search also noted TradeKing as one of the Top 3 Best Reviewed online brokers. SmartMoney, Barron's and Kiplinger have all reviewed the TradeKing service highly in 2009 reports. They note the unique TradeKing Learning Center which educates its clients in many areas of financial trading and also the quality of its customer service. TradeKing also offers some of the lowest commission rates in the industry at only $4.95 per trade, as of 2009.


Some online trading websites are so well designed that they appear on numerous lists as the best online trading systems. Fidelity is one such broker whose name is a standard in the industry. The company has earned high marks from Star Reviews for its quality blend of features and customer service. Additionally, it ranks third in the 2010 Online Stock Trading Review Comparisons by Top Ten Reviews. Consumer Search lists Fidelity as the "best online broker overall" based on quality reviews by SmartMoney, Barron's and Consumer Reports. Fidelity is easily among the best online trading websites.