Can You Block a Number From Calling Your Cell Phone?

There are many reasons you might want to block a phone number from calling your cell phone--telemarketers, ex-boyfriends, annoying co-workers--but three main ways to do it. The simplest is with a calling code which you can utilize at your own discretion. Other options include signing up with the Do Not Call Registry or contacting your carrier directly.

Blocking numbers is as easy as making a phone call.

Who Are You Trying to Block?

There are different steps you can take to block incoming phone calls. The simplest numbers to block are those of telemarketers. Due to the aggressive tactics of telemarketers, Congress put together a Do Not Call Registry. This registry lists every number that does not wish to receive unsolicited phone calls. You can register any phone number, cell phone numbers included, for free by either going to the NDNCR website,, or calling (888) 382-1222.

Not a Telemarketer?

Depending on your cell phone carrier, you may be able to block numbers instead of just looking the other way when unwanted calls come in. The easiest solution, if you know the number you want to block, is to use the 60 code. Use of this code will cost between $3 and $5 per use. All you do is type in the blocking code with the phone number you wish to block behind it and push send. For example, punch in 60 918-555-5555 followed by send, and poof, your phone company gets the message to block that specific phone number from calling you.

Don't Know the Number That Called?

Oddly, this is as simple as dialing the blocking code (*60) immediately after disconnecting with the party you wish to block. No need to dial the phone number; your phone company will understand that the previous number is the one you wish to block.

Need to Undo a Block?

Turning off the blocking feature is quite simple. Just type 80 before the phone number you wish to unblock and press send. For example, 80 918-555-5555. Again, there is a fee to utilize this service--on average, $3-$5.

What If the Blocking Code Doesn't Work?

Not all cell phone carriers utilize every code available. If your carrier doesn't recognize this code, you will need to contact a customer service representative to have a permanent block placed on the phone number in question. If you don't know the number you want blocked, try calling your carrier directly after disconnecting with the number in question. The technicians can usually look back at your call registry and pull the number from there. Even if the caller's number is blocked, the phone company can usually block calls from that number; they just can't tell you the offending number.