Can You Print Out Kindle Text?

The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-readers on the market today. Although intended as a device on which to store and read hundreds of books, there are a few other features that make it versatile.

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Types Of Documents

The Kindle supports Amazon’s .mobi files as well as .pdf files. Additionally, you can create screen shot documents on your Kindle by pressing the “Alt” + "Shift" + ”G” buttons.

Connecting To Your Computer

You can connect your Kindle to your computer via the provided USB cable, which allows you to move documents back and forth from the Kindle to the computer.

Browsing Kindle Documents

In your Kindle directory, all the readable files are in a folder called “Documents.” This allows you to search for a particular document or to browse all of them.

Printing Documents

You can easily print any of the documents from the “Documents” folder, including screen shots, by dragging the files to your computer. Open the files, then you may easily print them.

Third Party Applications

Many Kindle users enlist the help of third party applications--such as MobiPocket Creator and Calibre--to help them make the most of the features on their Kindles. Using these applications can help to organize and print Kindle documents.