Cell Tower Problems

Cell towers provide phone service for anyone with a cell phone. However, there are a number of issues surrounding cell phone towers, from problems with municipality control to health risks.

A cell phone tower is controversial to many people due to possible health concerns and lacking public control.

Health Risks

Some reports indicate that cell tower radiation may increase the likelihood of cancer. However, study after study refutes this claim. The American Cancer Society counters health risk claims by stating the radiation from the towers is so minuscule that the risk of cancer impacting public health is relatively low.


Many residents near a cell phone tower claim that local denizens have no control over a tower's placement. The Hartford Advocate reported that residents of Trumbull, Connecticut protested the construction of a cell phone tower in June 2010 due to the chance property values could drop.


Cell phone tower locations are usually governed by state governments. This has resulted in several municipal fights over the placement of cell phone towers. In 2010, the state of Connecticut passed a bill that gave more power to local agencies and environmental groups over cell phone placements than state committees and cell phone companies.