Dish TV Troubleshooting

Problems with satellite TV include signal loss, missing channels, and blank or snowy screens. Satellite television problems can be caused by a variety of conditions including the weather, installation problems and equipment failure.

Signal Loss

Signal loss is one of the main issues associated with DISH and other satellite TV providers. You might see intermittent signal loss error messages, black screens or video blocks resulting from a signal loss. These problems often are caused by the weather in your area; if there is a storm, high wind or heavy fog, wait and see if the problem is corrected when the weather clears. Other culprits could be damaged cable or a misaligned dish. If the cable looks to be in good condition, contact your DISH provider to determine whether the dish is positioned correctly or if the receiver is malfunctioning.

Missing Channels

Unavailable channels can result from a service interruption if your account is not current. Otherwise, the channel could have gone off the air, been dropped by your DISH provider or be experiencing temporary problems of its own. A bad signal also can cause channel disruption. Wait 30 minutes for the channel to appear and check that your service card is properly inserted in the receiver.

Black, Blue and Snowy Screens

If your television shows only a black, bright blue or a snowy screen, it could mean video problems. Check that all the cables connecting the receiver to the television are inserted properly and free of damage. Verify that the television and receiver are both plugged in and powered on. Make sure the television channel is set correctly for video input. Finally, if you have spare cables, try replacing the ones you're using currently to make sure the problem isn't caused by a cable failure.

Info Not Available

If you're having trouble accessing your on-screen programming guide, it could be because the receiver was powered on all night. The receiver needs to be turned off at least once per day in order to download new information. Turn your receiver off, wait a few hours and try again.