Do it Yourself Television Repair

Television repair can be expensive if you have to call in a service technician to take care of the job. While there are circumstances where a technician is the right call to make, many times you can fix a television on your own using TV troubleshooting tips from manufacturers. From fixing loose connectors to taking care of airflow problems and addressing magnetization problems with your TV, you can make the repairs on your own and save a lot of money.

Repair common problems with your TV.

Make Basic Repairs

Basic repairs are the most common culprit of television problems that require repair. First, make sure your TV is on the right channel or input. Press the “Input” button on your television remote control to cycle through the available inputs on your television and see if the picture or audio you’re missing displays on one of those channels. Another basic repair you can make involves loose cables. Look behind your TV and behind all of your other audio/video components, such as your amplifier or your cable box and plug in any connections that are loose.

Address Airflow

Vents are on the sides and top of your television for a reason. The television circulates air in and out of the case to help prevent the TV from overheating. If you have items placed too close to the side of your TV, or on top blocking the vent, your TV could overheat and cause problems, even turning “Off” spontaneously. If left unaddressed, it could cause your television to stop working for good. If you suspect your TV is having problems due to overheating, clear the area on top of and around your TV to allow adequate airflow. Let your TV cool down for about 30 minutes before you try to turn it on again.

Demagnetize Screen

Unsightly blotches that appear on the TV screen could be caused by magnetization problems in your television set. To fix the problem, wave a magnetic coil in circles in front of your screen. Start in small circles, then build up to larger circles that cover the entire TV screen. Continue waving the magnetic coil in front of the TV until all of the blotches disappear.