Good Free Music Download Sites

By Alex Cosper

At one time it was easy to find almost every song you could think of for free online. But after many legal battles, music sites have had to conform to copyright law, which means music can only be made available for free with permission from the intellectual-property owners. There are still ways to download music legally for free, even from iTunes and other popular online stores. Many independent artists offers free songs to promote themselves., funded by partnerships with record labels, offers free legal downloads of well-known songs covered by lesser-known artists. also offers instrumental karaoke versions of songs for free.

Your Free Music

An ad-supported website called Your Free Music lets you download as many songs as you want from their catalog of more than 7 million songs. In order to get through the sign-up process, you have to list two friends you will tell about the site. You must also participate in at least one free offer from a sponsor. The Digital Rights Management-free downloads can be played on any computer or mp3 player.

You can expand your indie music collection quickly with, which is a haven for independent artists. The site has an alphabetized directory of thousands of indie artists offering free downloads. You probably won't find much music that is familiar, but it's a great site for exploring new music for free. is a place for indie music fans to download many new songs for free. You can also search and listen to sound clips of many major-label artists. The site offers a wealth of information about artists and their music, making it a strong resource for music researchers.

Some websites such as offer a special player to play mp3s. This Music Oasis player allows you to download an unlimited number of songs from the site's library within the application. The DRM-free software also lets you create playlists and listen to Internet radio stations for free. is a social network than allows PC users to download certain songs for free, but downloading premium content requires a subscription and requires payment. The site's vast library allows you to browse music by moods as well as artists.

Search Engines

There are several search engines specifically designed to search for free music downloads online. One of those search engines is, which lets you set up a page and profile that allows you to post songs for free. Similar sites can be found at, and