How Can I Extend & Renew Free Trial Period Software?

By Jason Stewart

Downloading trial software from the Internet is a great way to try programs that you may decide to purchase later. Once the trial expiration is up, you won't be able to access many of the features integrated into the program. Normally the trial program will stay in this state until you purchase an activation key and unlock the full program. You can alter the internal clock on your PC to avoid running out of trial time if you need to use a program a bit longer.

Step 1

Boot your PC using the proper sequence to initiate the BIOS setup screen. During the initial boot sequence of your PC, the BIOS should be displayed and tell you what you need to press to access it. Typically, the F1, F2, or Delete key need to be pressed during the boot sequence to access BIOS. Refer to your motherboard's manual if those options don't work.

Step 2

Access the CMOS setup and navigate to the setup screen for the date and time.

Step 3

Use your arrow keys to highlight and alter the date and time to the appropriate amount of extended time you need with the trial version software.

Step 4

Save your settings and reboot your PC.

Step 5

Access the previously closed trial version software.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to change the internal clock back to the appropriate time once the trial version software is no longer needed, as many programs depend on the internal clock of the PC to function properly.
  • Avoid abusing this technique to keep performance at optimum levels for your PC.