How Can I Fix a Laptop That Does Not Turn on?

By Stephen Lilley

If your laptop computer does not turn on, and you are sure your battery is charged or that the power adapter is functioning properly, it may be because the circuits on the inside of your laptop are overloaded with energy it can't possibly use. If your laptop is damaged and continues to draw power from the battery or power adapter even when off, that could cause your unit to not turn on. If you want to fix this, you'll have to dispel all of that extra energy and then try turning on your unit again.

Step 1

Shut down your laptop computer. Make sure it is completely powered down before continuing.

Step 2

Remove your laptop's battery from the compartment where it is held in place. Press the "Battery Release" clip with one finger and use your other hand to separate the battery from the base of the unit.

Step 3

Remove the plug for your laptop's power adapter from its location on the rear of the laptop. To discharge excess energy from your laptop computer, you must have no power-generating sources plugged in.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Power" button on your laptop computer for one to two minutes. This will release all of the excess charge that is built up inside the laptop computer. If you don't want to hold the button for two consecutive minutes, you can also try rapidly pressing "Power" for that duration of time.

Step 5

Replace your laptop computer's battery as well as the power adapter plug and press "Power." Your laptop should now turn on.

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