How Can I Refill My AT&T GoPhone?

By Melody Dawn

An AT&T GoPhone is the prepaid version of the popular networks' cell phone service. Time is added in order to maintain phone service. GoPhones are refilled on a monthly basis either with a GoPhone plan or with a dollar amount determined by the user. Time can be added by choosing an automatic option, which adds money to your phone at regular intervals. Refills also are added manually by using a GoPhone card or with a credit card. Contracts and checks are not needed to maintain prepaid phone service.

Things You'll Need

  • GoPhone card
  • Debit or credit card


Step 1

Go to the AT&T website online and choose "wireless" from the drop down menus and select "prepaid GoPhones." Select "Add minutes now" on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 2

Click on "Manage My Account" an login by entering your 10 digit cell phone number and 4 digit passcode. Create a new passcode if you have forgotten your code or need a new one.

Step 3

Choose the "Add money" feature. Select the refill that you would like to purchase. Choose a package feature or choose to add money in denominations from $15 to $100.

Step 4

Add the item to your cart and Checkout.

Step 5

Enter your payment information and complete the transaction. You can choose to pay with a prepaid GoPhone card. Wait a few minutes and check the balance on your phone by dialing 611.

Step 6

Enroll in Auto-refill to pay your balance each month without interruption by choosing the Auto-Refill selection from your account management page. Enter your credit card information and agree to the monthly terms.

Using Your Phone

Step 1

Dial 611 from your GoPhone.

Step 2

Use the voice prompts to "add money" to your account.

Step 3

Refill your account by using a GoPhone card or an ATM Debit or Credit card. Speak the numbers into the phone or type them in using your phones keypad.