How Can I Stop an Autodialer From Calling?

By Mandy Slake

If you've ever received a sales call where you heard a few clicks on the line before the telemarketer picked up, you've received a call from an autodialer. An autodialer makes calls to a list of numbers, then passes the call to a salesperson if someone answers. If the telemarketer picks up you can ask to be taken off their calling list, but sometimes the autodialer malfunctions and no one picks up. You may even get repeated calls from the same machine.

Step 1

Check with your carrier to see if they offer selective call blocking service. Most land line carriers do, but most cellular carriers do not.

Step 2

Pick up the phone and dial "*60" if your landline carrier offers selective call blocking. If you are on a rotary phone, dial "1160" instead. Dial "3" to turn on the service.

Step 3

Wait for a call from the auto dialer, then dial "*60" or "1160" to enter the selective call block menu.

Step 4

Press the "#" key on touch tone phones, or dial "12" on rotary handsets. Dial "01" then press "#" on touch tone phones to add the last caller to the list of blocked numbers.

Step 5

Hang up when finished.

Tips & Warnings

  • Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless allow customers to block callers, if they know the number of the autodialer that is calling. You can find links for call blocking for these carriers in Resources.