How Can I Tell If My Car Is GPS Bugged?

By Palmer Owyoung

GPS devices are great for those times when we've taken a wrong turn and can't seem to figure out where we are going. But these devices also create the potential for abuse. So if you suspect that someone is tracking your car with a GPS there are ways to determine if you've been bugged.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS detector

Step 1

Check under the hood and the undercarriage of your car. You are looking for a rectangular-shaped gray or black box. It is approximately the size of a deck of cards and may be attached to your car with a magnet. Make sure to check the interior as well.

Step 2

Purchase a GPS bug detecting device (see Resources). This can detect the signal being sent from the GPS.

Step 3

Move the detection device over the surface of your car, making sure to scan underneath your car. Pay special attention to the front and rear bumper, as these are easy locations to hide a GPS device. If a device is found, the detector will beep will alert you with a fast beeping sound and a flashing red light.

Step 4

Make three or four scans at different times because the detector can only find the GPS when it is transmitting. Most GPS will transmit all of the time, however, there are some semi-passive systems that only transmit at 30-minute intervals.