How Do Evites Work?

Creating Evites

Guest Management Options in Evite.

The party organizers create an Evite invitation based on a template or with their own material. Organizers add contact information, details about the party and a customizable message to guests. Organizers must be registered with Evite to create, send and manage invitations.

Sending Evites

Organizers add possible attendees by inserting email addresses or importing their contacts from AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. While adding guests, organizers can customize the reply text ("Definitely" instead of "Yes," "Perhaps" instead of "Maybe," for example). Once contacts are added, the organizers send the Evite out to guests.

Managing Evites

Guest Management Options in Evite.

Organizers can modify event details, add more guests and receive emails when guests respond to invitations. They can also cancel the event entirely, repeat it or reschedule it at a later date. Finally, organizers can send reminder emails to guests or update them when information changes.

Evite for Guests

Guests receive the Evite and then respond with information such as how many other people they will bring, or additional food or beverages they will share. If a guest responds yes, no or maybe, both the organizers and other invited guests will see the response and will know who is coming.

The Afterparty

After the party is over, Evite continues to assist organizers by hosting photos and chat related to the event. Since all organizers must have an Evite account, creating similar events with the same guest list is a snap. Evite stores this information on its servers for later use.