How Do I Access NHSmail?

By Kat Walcott

NHSmail is the official email service of the United Kingdom's National Health Service. NHSmail is available to use by any organization that is approved and commissioned by the government to provide health care services in England and Scotland. If you work for an organization that uses NHSmail and have an account, your email can be accessed through the [NHSmail page]( on the Health & Social Care Information Centre website in a few steps.

Logging into NHSmail

Scroll down to the bottom of the NHSmail page and select **Login to NHSmail** under the **More about NHSmail** heading. You should now be on the NHSmail log in page. Enter your NHSmail username and password and click the **Log in** button. You will now have access to your NHSmail account.