How Do I Access Verizon Voicemail From a Different Phone?

By Kefa Olang

If your Verizon cell phone has been stolen recently, or if you have lost it and are unsure how to check your voicemails, do not panic. Verizon enables you to check for new voicemails from another phone other than your cell phone. This especially comes in handy if you are waiting for a phone replacement. With these simple steps, you do not have to miss an important voicemail just because you don't physically have your cell phone.

Step 1

Dial your 10-digit cell phone number on the other phone that you are using and press "Send." You should hear your cell phone ringing through the receiver.

Step 2

Press the "#" (pound) button as soon as your Verizon voicemail message begins to play after the rings. If you have a generic prompt instead of a message you've pre-recorded, similarly press "#" (pound) when the generic message plays. Verizon voicemail then prompts you to enter your voicemail password.

Step 3

Enter the four-digit voicemail password to log on to your voicemail account. To listen to new voicemails, press "1" on your phone and they will begin to play. After listening to a voicemail, press "7" if you want to delete the voicemail. Press 6 if you want to forward the voicemail to another contact. Follow the guided voice prompts to input the recipient's phone number and forward the voicemail. Press "8" if you want to reply to the voicemail. Follow the guided voice prompts to create the reply and send it to your recipient.