How Do I Change My Default Page Layout View in Word 2007?

By Sonia Waring

By default, any new document you create in Word 2007 opens in \"Print Layout\" view, with the Calibri font selected. The font is black. The page is oriented vertically (“portrait”) and the margins are an inch on each side of the paper. But what if you don’t use those defaults? What if you prefer, say, Georgia font, 16 point, italic, dark blue; with wide margins? Perhaps you prefer writing in “Draft” layout, instead of the WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) Page Layout view. If you want every document to start out tuned to your preferences, change Word’s default template.

Step 1

Open the default template in Word by clicking the “Office” button, then “Open.”

Step 2

Navigate to “C:\\Users\\[your username]\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Templates.” Open the file named either \"Normal.dotm\" or \"Normal.dotx\" (there will be only one).

Step 3

Make any formatting changes, such as font face and font size, and change any other options, such as margins, that you would like to change. You may also alter page magnification (zoom) level at this point, as well as the layout view (Print, Full Screen Reading, Web, Outline or Draft) via the “View” tab.

Step 4

Save the template.

Step 5

Exit Word, then reopen it to use your new default template.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you cannot see the “AppData” folder in your user folder, in step 2, cancel the operation while leaving Word open and open a Windows Explorer window, such as \"My Computer.\" Click on the “Organize” button, which is near the top of the window. Select “Folder and Search Options,” then the “View” tab. Under “Hidden files and folders,” move the radio button to “Show hidden files and folders.”
  • To restore the Normal template to its original state, simply delete or rename the changed \"Normal.dotm\" or \"Normal.dotx\" file. You must do this with Word closed, or the file will be in use at the time and thus locked against deletion or other changes. The next time you open Word, the program will automatically regenerate a standard Normal template.
  • You cannot successfully alter the Normal template if any other files are open in Word. Close all Word windows before beginning.
  • If you want your default view to be \"Draft,\" there is a setting you must change. Click the “Office” button, then “Word Options.” In the “Advanced” tab, under “General,” place a check mark in the box labeled “Allow opening a document in Draft view.” If you don’t change this setting, you cannot successfully change the default view to Draft.Word page layout