How Do I Change Skins in Safari?

Although not available from Apple, Safari skins can be downloaded from freeware and shareware software sites to customize the look of your Safari browser. These Safari add-ons are generally small in size and can be switched out as you please through the skin software. As with any program, be sure to scan the program for viruses before installing it on your computer.

Change the look of your Safari using a skin program.


Use Safaricon. This free application allows you to choose the theme for your Safari browser by changing the browser’s button, background color and provides automatic updates. Along with changing the aesthetic look of Safari, Safaricon also allows you to customize the default search engine and change the browser’s history and cache settings. Download the software at


Use ShapeShifter. As a shareware program, ShapeShifter not only provides a new look for your Safari browser, it also allows you to change the look of your desktop and operating system. Choose from the available skins and labels in ShapeShifter, or download new skins for your browser from the list of GUI skin sites on the ShapeShifter download page at ShapeShifter requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer.


SafariStand is a free application by Hetima that provides in-depth customization to your Safari browser, and also includes font type customization. In order to change the look of your Safari browser, it is recommended to have previous knowledge of HTML coding, as this is used to edit colors in the plug-in. SafariStand requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and Safari 2.0 or newer.