How Do I Connect My Computer to Wireless Internet?

By Robert Schrader

Wireless Internet access affords you flexibility and freedom when using the Internet -- particularly if you have a laptop computer, which you can use to surf the Internet anywhere a wireless connection is available. Connecting to the wireless Internet is simple and can be done through Windows itself, without the use of any third-party software.

Step 1

Visit a location you're sure has a wireless Internet connection if you're not using your own, home network. Places like coffee shops, libraries and Internet cafes often have wireless -- and if they do, they'll likely post a sign that says "Wi-Fi" or something similar on it. If you're unsure as to whether an establishment has wireless, call ahead or ask a staff member when you arrive. Ask if the wireless network requires a password and if so, take note of it.

Step 2

Click the "Wireless" icon on the Windows taskbar, which is in the bottom, right corner of your Windows screen. The icon depicts a series of five bars of increasing height, similar to the "Reception" icon on your cell phone. Click the name of the wireless network to which you wish to connect.

Step 3

Enter the wireless password if it prompts you for one. Open your web browser and point it to the website of your choice. If you're accessing a public network without a password, you may be required to agree to rules or regulations before being allowed to surf freely.