How Do I Disable Advertisements in Internet Explorer?

Advertisements provide one of the primary methods of funding websites. While most sites play fair and keep their text and graphic advertisements simple and unobtrusive, others go overboard in trying to get you to click on their ads. When you come across a misbehaving site, it is best to know how to disable advertisements to avoid the headache of noisy and moving ads that cover the text you want to read.

Some websites have ads that are obtrusive.

Flash Advertisements

Disabling Flash advertisements requires Adobe Flash to be disabled on your browser version of Internet Explorer. This will also disable functions on websites which rely on Flash for their content. To disable Flash, click the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options” and click the “Programs” tab. Select “Manage add-ons,” scroll through the “add-ons currently running” until you find “Adobe Flash.” Click the “disable” check-box. Click “Okay.”

Privacy and InPrivate Filtering

InPrivate Filtering allows users to block content from selected sites, which can be used as an ad-blocker if the list of sites contains known ad providers. Download an IE8 InPrivate Ad Filter List (See Resources). Open Internet Explorer 8. Click “Tools,” “Internet Options,” and then “Programs.” Select “Manage Add-ons” and click “InPrivate Filtering,” then “Import.” Browse to where you saved the Ad Filter List. Select it. Click “Okay.” Click “Okay” again.

Ad Blocking Plugins

InPrivate Filtering will only block content from advertisers on sites you have listed. To block other ads, you will need software that filters the contents of any website you download, identifies which portions of the site are likely to be ads, and prevents those portions from running. There are many different ad blockers available, including AdBlock Pro, IE7Pro and AdsCleaner.

Pop-up Advertisements

Internet Explorer comes with a built-in pop-up blocker that prevents ads from appearing outside of a Web page in their own windows. This can sometimes get turned off, either by accident or on purpose. If it is not running, click the “Tools” menu and select “Pop-up blocker” and click “Turn On pop-up blocker.” Internet Explorer will now attempt to prevent websites from opening new windows.