How do I Forward Calls From Home Phone to Cell Phone?

By Louise Balle

If you plan to leave your home for an extended period, such as for a vacation or business trip, and you don't want to miss calls, you can forward them to your cellphone. When someone dials your home phone number, it will automatically ring your cellphone. You may have to sign up for additional features with your landline phone company in order to set up this call-forwarding option.

Step 1

Call your landline phone provider to determine the feature you have to add to your home phone line in order to forward calls. In most cases, it's simply named "Call Forwarding" service---be prepared to pay an additional fee to add the service. Ask for a features manual or instructions when you call, including the call forwarding code that you need to activate this feature on your home line.

Step 2

Dial the code given to you by your provider on your home phone line. For instance, AT&T home phone users must dial *72 or 72# in order to activate call forwarding.

Step 3

Wait until you hear a dial tone on your home phone line, then enter the cellphone number. You'll hear a confirmation message or a series of tones to confirm your new setting.

Step 4

Call your home phone line from a line other than your cellphone to test the call forwarding feature. The call should ring to your cellphone instead of the home line until you cancel.

Step 5

Enter the cancel code given by your cellphone provider to cancel the call forwarding when you no longer want home calls going to your cellphone. For instance, AT&T's code is *73 or 73#. Again, you'll hear a confirmation message or tone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Exact instructions may vary by provider. Speak to a customer support representative at your phone company if you have additional questions about how to set up and use the call forwarding feature.

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