How Do I Get an MSN Email Account?

By Jamie Lisse

If you go to the MSN website and try to sign up for a new email account you may notice that it does not have the "" extension. Instead, the default email account setup gives you an MSN Hotmail account with the "" extension, unless you select a "limited account," which gives you the "" email extension. While you previously had to be an MSN internet service customer, there is a way to get an MSN email account without being a customer.

Step 1

Direct your web browser to the MSN email address creation page (see Resources). This page link is the only way to get an email address with the "" extension.

Step 2

Enter in your desired MSN email address and password. The page will not tell you immediately if the email address is available or not.

Step 3

Choose your secret question and enter in the answer. You do not have to enter in an alternate email address. Confirm the characters at the bottom of the page and click "Continue."

Step 4

Type in your personal information if that page appears. This means that the email address you entered is available. Click Continue. This takes you to the "Review and Sign the Agreements" page.

Step 5

Enter your email address to confirm the agreement and click "I Accept." You will get a screen that reads "You've created an MSN account." Click Continue to go to your MSN email account's inbox.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sign in to your MSN email at "" to check your email in the future.