How Do I Program My Charter Cable Remote?

By Matthew Fortuna

A cable provider that runs throughout 29 states, Charter cable is a chief competitor to a number of other big name companies. Charter offers universal remotes that can be programmed to access your cable, television, VCR, DVD players and other inputs. These remotes can be programmed from home using only your cable box and the remote control itself. Looking up the remote code in your manual or on the Internet will give you the chance to set up your cable in just minutes, and it will be ready for you to use immediately.

Step 1

Turn on the device that you would like to program with your remote, whether this is your cable box, your television, your DVD player or your stereo.

Step 2

Press the button on your remote for the device that you are trying to program. The button will read "cable," "TV," "VCR" or something similar.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Setup" button on your Charter remote until the red indicator light blinks twice and release the button.

Step 4

Use the keypad on your remote to enter the four-digit code for the device that you are programming. The codes can be found in the remote's manual or on the Charter website.

Step 5

Press the "Power" button on your remote while aiming at the device. The device should respond by turning off. If it does not respond, continue pressing the button once every three seconds until the device does respond.