How Do I Put Music on a Flash Drive?

By Joshua Benjamin

In the old days of computers, users had to put information on cumbersome floppy disks if they wanted to store information outside of their computer's hard drive. Fortunately for computer owners everywhere, the technology progressed beyond floppy disks and into flash-based memory sticks, which allow easier file transfers and also have the ability to store far more information. Putting music onto these flash drives is just as easy as putting any other file type onto the drive and requires nothing more than a mouse and some decent motor skills.

Step 1

Insert the flash drive into one of your computer's free USB ports and turn on the computer.

Step 2

Wait for your operating system to load, then launch "My Computer."

Step 3

Locate the drive icon that represents your flash drive. It's typically labeled "Removable Storage" or "Device with removable storage." It may also be labeled with the proper name of your flash drive, such as "Sandisk" or "Flash Drive."

Step 4

Double-click the flash drive icon to open the flash drive window.

Step 5

Open a new "My Computer" window and locate the music you wish to put onto your flash drive.

Step 6

Select the music files you want to transfer, then drag-and-drop the files into the flash drive window. The files will now be copied to your flash drive.